Information about data breach regarding historical data

Unfortunately, we can confirm that a data breach has been identified, concerning foodora customer data from the year of 2016. The breach was discovered recently and we sincerely apologize for this incident. 

The data contains approximately 480,000 unique email addresses as well as certain customer details, including encrypted password hashes, name, first name, delivery address, and phone number. No clear-text passwords were exposed.

When did it happen?
The breach was discovered recently and the data in question is from 2016. The DPA in Germany was informed (within the required 72 hours as stipulated by GDPR regulations) the same day as the breach was identified. 

How many are affected in the Nordic?
Finland: 23 500 Norway: 26 300. Affected customers will be informed and provided more information.

We will continue to apply the highest data security standards and act in accordance with GDPR regulations. We are constantly working to further improve our technologies and processes in order to minimize any risks for our customers.